3 Bedroom Villa with Plunge Pool
3 Bedroom Villa with Plunge Pool
2 Bedroom Villa
2 Bedroom Villa
Garden Bungalow
Garden Bungalow
Bophut Beach

Welcome to Dreams Villa Resort

Dreams are what makes life worthwhile. Without our dreams and our longings then life is but a sham. But where on Earth can you awake and find the dream is real?

Right here, on the beautiful tropical haven of Samui island. At Dreams Villa Resort. Here you will wake each day to find that you are living the dream. The endless blue skies, the fluffy clouds, the palm trees swaying gently, the murmur of the breeze.

However the mood takes you, our family-owned and managed exclusive villa complex will pamper you and indulge your every whim - even before you've arrived!

The Location

Dreams Villa Resort in Bo Phut, only a relaxing 10 minute drive from the airport, on the popular and yet still unspoiled north coast of Koh Samui.

Chaweng, the busy hub of the island, crammed with bars and restaurants and teeming with nightlife and it is a 15 minute drive to the east from Dreams Villa Resort.

In the opposite direction you'll arrive in the quaint, old, original commercial centre, Nathon, with its banks, government buildings and old wooden houses mixed in with the new.

And right on your doorstep, only a short stroll away, are the enticing attractions of the Fisherman's Village, where old and new meet once again, this time in a street full of dreams that's right on your doorstep.

The Attractions

We offer you a hundred different things to do, from the sporty to the laid-back and from the daytrips to the nightlife. Go-karting, wind surfing, golf, mountain safaris, elephant treks. Quiet and shady temples where time stands still. Drifting round the islands on a quaint long-tail boat with lazy BBQs on a deserted island. Quietly enjoying the finest of international cuisine or letting rip at an all night beach party. It's your dream. All you have to do is dream it and we'll make sure it happens.

Or if you want to spent two weeks by the pool with a book, then that's fine, too. That's a dream all by itself. But you'll find that our attentive will remain discreetly on-hand in the background - but only if you want it. It's your dream. And whatever you can dream up, that's what you'll get. Because we're the dream-makers, here, at Dreams Villa Resort, Bo Phut, Koh Samui.

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